Aihearkisto: Black&White Show 2013

Black & White Show 2013

BLACK & WHITE 2.11.2013, epävirallinen näyttely skoteille ja westeille

Carney FI27058/13
Very good type, exc. head for his age. Good bite for the moment but needs watching. Very good body, good ribs but for me a bit long. He needs training to show his movement better. Very good tailset. Very promising. 1 KP 2. Paras urospentu.
Glen Grant’s Civetta FI24320/13
Exc. type. Lovely puppy. Good expression, nice head but needs better stop. Small ears, good bite. Very good topline. I like his angulation. Very good tailset. Good movement but needs more training. 1 KP, paras urospentu, VSP-pentu
Perhaps Something Sweet FI31224/13
Nice bitch but I’d like to see a better head, a stronger foreface. Good bite, eyes could be smaller and and also ears. Good body, but front could be better as well as angulations. Tailset could be higher. Good coat. Good movement but tail could be carried better. 1 KP, 2. paras narttupentu.
Glen Grant’s Piccione FI24321/13
Very nice bitch, lovely head with good expression. Very good dark eyes, small ears, very good bite. I like her body very much, very good angulations, very good tail set, excellent movement for her age, nice coat and good presentation, very promising bitch. 1 KP, paras narttupentu, ROP-pentu, BIS2-pentu
Glen Grant’s Hot Rod RI46674/11
Rhum Ruby Rose FI47713/10
Really nice bitch I am really sorry for her bite. Very nice head with small eyes & ears. Very good body & angulations & tailset. It’s her first show but she moves really well. 1 KP ROP-turisti. BIS-turisti
Flippix Madam I’m Adam FI50221/12
I like this type. I like his head but a bit cheeky, very good expression. I like his eyes & ears, very good bite, super body condition. I like his front. Very good angulations & tail set. Presented in super coat condition. Super mover. 1 KP PU1 ROP-juniori. VSP. BIS2-juniori.
Flippix Me and My Shadow FI50224/12
Exc type, very clean head with good expression, nice topline, good front but for me the elbows could be tighter, rear angulation & movement could be better. Tailset could be a bit higher, moves very well. 2 KP PU4
Gilmoore’s Dancing in the Dark FI48323/12
Perhaps Seabiscuit FI25239/12
Nice dog. Big head. I’d like more stop & cleaner head. Nice but long body. Matching proportions in head & body. Coat could be better for his age & needs better grooming. Good mover. 1
Rhum Christmas Star FI17587/11
Very nice dog, very nice type. I like his very clean head. Strong body with very good proportions. He could have more coat in front of the tail to improve the topline. I like him standing, good mover. Lovely boy. 1 KP
Berrybreeze Daddy Cool FI27331/11
Champagne Pour Tous De Champernoune FI24314/13
Nice wheaten dog with very good pigmentation. Nice head, small ears which could be better set. Good, short & strong body. Front could be better, loose elbows. Good rear angulations. Good tail set. soft coat. Moves well for his age. 2.
Tartan Style Countryman FI27893/11
Very nice boy. Nice head, eyes a little large. Good body, lovely neck, good front but front legs could be straighter. Good ribs but the body could be deeper. Very good rear angulations. Very good tail set but it could be shorter. Very nice harsh coat but unfortunately he has been washed just before the show. Good mover but needs more training. 1 KP PU3
Rhum Mactavish FIN51183/04
I like this dog very much at 9 years. Super head n perfect bite. Very nice body with very good proportions. Very good angulations. Body in super show condition but coat could be better. Moves very well with good drive. 1 KP PU2 VSP-veteraani
Rolls-Royce De Champernoune FIN32498/01

Gilmoore’s Do Love You FI48320/12
Very nice bitch with feminine head. Good expression, ear set could be better, very good bite, I love her short body, good angulations. Needs training on the table. Good tails set, good movements when she wants to show them. 2 KP
Gilmoore’s Domino Effect FI48321/12
Nice bitch with very good expression. Very nice head with good bite. I’d like her a bit shorter in body with better front & angulations. Roached back. Tail set could be better. Moves well. 4.
Serein Ranzania FI29359/13
Lovely feminine bitch with nice head, very good expression. Lot of temperament in her eyes. Short body, but I’d like a better front & longer ribcage. Very good rear angulations. Super tail set, very good movements but a bit too stubborn. Coat in super condition. 1 KP PN3 VSP-juniori
Tartan Style Dahlia FI33678/12
Nice bitch but I’d like her shorter in back. Good proportions in head but the foreface could be stronger. Good ribs but long in loin. Good angulations, the tail set could be better. Good coat but please don’t bathe her before the show. 3.
Bartos Wera FI20393/11
Strong bitch, very nice head, well set ears. Good tace, good body but angulations & tail set could be better. Moves better in front than behind. The coat shouldn’t be washed just before the show. Needs more ring training. 2 KP
Rhum Christmas Ivy FI17590/11
Nice bitch but not too happy in the ring today, nice head, good bite. Topline could be better. I like her body but it could be deeper. Could have better angulations. Tail set could be better. Coat very harsh. Could have more energy on the move. 1 KP
Bartos Ultra Violet FIN39462/08
Lovely bitch in super condition body & coat. I love her head but I’d like smaller & darker eyes. Super body proportions. Very good front, super ribs & low to ground, very good angulations, very good tail set, super mover with drive. 2 KP PN2
Bartos Whoopee FI20395/11
I would like to have this bitch at my home! Lovely head with small eyes & ears. I like her neck, body & ribs. Low to ground, very good angulations very good tail set, moves with drive & energy. 1 KP, PN1 ROP BIS
Glend Grant’s In My Pants FIN23997/08
5 y. old bitch, very good body, low to ground. Very feminine head with good expression. Very good ribs & front but her angulations could be better. Tail set could be better. Moves well.
Glen Grant’s Must Be The One FI39610/10
Nice bitch. Nice head but ears are big in proportion to her head. Good body. I’d like better angulated & better neck & topline. Coat soft today. Good front but rear angulations could be better. Very good tailset. Very good movements but without drive.
Perhaps She’s No Lady FI47146/11
Nice small bitch, 2 y old. Very big head for her size. Very good expression, beautiful eyes. I’d like her shorter in body. Too low set in front compared to the rear. Rear angulations could be better. Rib cage could be longer. Good tail set. Good movements.
Rhum Love Affair FIN21021/08
Very nice bitch, very clean head, good expression & bite, good ear set. Very good front good topline, tailset could be better, good body & ribs, could be better angulated behind. Coat is not in top condition today. 3 KP.
Rhum Love Forever FIN21020/08
Nice bitch. nice head with good expression, very good body, low to ground, needs a better topline. Very short & good body. Could have better angulations & tail set. Very good movements with drive, but tail should be carried higher.
Serein Elsholtzia FI61379/10
Lovely heavy bitch. I’d like a better head. I like her front & topline & ribs . Well agulated, good tail set but drops her tail on the move, very good coat. She needs more excercise! 4 KP
Bartos Rose Royce FIN29328/05
Lovely veteran bitch and she is very happy in the ring, super movements with drive. Very nice clean head. Angulations could be better. Good body with good ribs but I’d like more substance. Good tail set. Good presentation. 1 KP PN4 ROP-veteraani BIS-veteraani
Elvenwood’s Evenstar FIN25472/06
Nice bitch. Good size. Head could be better. I like her body very much. Very good topline, ribs & front. She is not very happy in the ring today. Her movement could be better. 2
Berrybreeze Daddy Cool
Kennel Bartos, 21, 23, 24, 29
In one type, I like this group. Well presented. Good condition. Very well groomed for show. 1 KP ROP-kasvattaja BIS2-kasvattaja
Kennel Glen Grant’s
Kennel Rhum, 6, 11, 15, 22, 28, 29
Nice dogs but with some differences as a group. I’d like a bit better presentation on the whole. 2