Aihearkisto: Black&White Show 2017

Black&White Show 4.11.2017, Vantaa


Tuomari Masa Siroka, kennel Peabar, Slovenia


Filisite Brask Dual Rate RKF4847573
6 months old puppy, very short & cobby, deep forechest for his age, good tailset, nice clean head, deep black eyes, good bite. Nice movement, correct coming & going. 1 KP ROP-pentu

Raglan Rose Avenue SE42217/2017
5 months old, short in body, good forechest. I would prefer better angulation in the rear & better tail set, nice head, the lines could be more parallel, nice deep black eyes, correct earset. Correct movement coming & going, nice temperament. 3

Tartan Style Gatekeeper FI31029/17
6 months old puppy, big bones, correct topline, very deep in body, correct head, dark eyes, good tail set , moves a bit close going but correct coming! 2


Misting’s Fashion Poppy FI32281/17
5 mo old bitch, short body, low to ground, good tailset, correct head. correct bite. very nice dark eyes, correct topline, correct movement coming & going. 2

Perhaps Saint Gladys FI31113/17
6 months very nice puppy. nice tight elbows, correct topline, good rear, a lot of shelf behind, correct head, I would prefer a bit smaller ears. Correct dark eyes, correct coming & going, parallel hocks. 1 KP VSP-pentu

Perhaps Santa Teresa Di Riva FI31112/17
Smaller bitch, 7 months old, a bit straight in shoulder, low enough, very nice topline & tailset, short & thick tail, the head goes with the body, correct bite, dark eye. correct movement coming & going. 3

Tartan Style Glamour Girl FI31031/17
6 m old puppy, very straight in shoulder, lighter in bone, correct topline, a bit light in bones, correct head & earset, dark eyes, correct bite. Correct coming & going. 4


Flippix Security System FI53495/16
Very nice black male of 1 year. Very nice silhouette, nice clean head & dark eyes. correct shoulder & topline, big wide ”butt”, very nice tailset & size & length of the tail. Excellent mover. 1 KP PU3 VSP-juniori

Flippix Sunday Best FI53496/16
Fancy brindle male, a bit straigh in shoulder, nice topline, tight elbows, I would prefer more body, good bone, nice tailset, correct head & bite, nice eyes, a bit short upper arm. Makes a nice picture. Correct movement. 2 KP

Flippix Super Hero FI53494/16
1 year, short cobby dog, straighter in shoulder, good body for his age, very deep & low, I’d prefer a longer muzzle, correct clean head, nice topline & tailset. Happy mover. 4

Glen Grant’s Go After Your Dream FI17948/17
9 months old, a bit longer body, higher in the rear, body needs time to mature, long masculine head. The handler needs more training to make a better picture of the dog. Straight in shoulder. Moves close in the rear. 5

Glen Grant’s Go And Show FI17950/17
9 months, good substance for his age, nice topline, good shoulder, deep forechest, tends to stand with the rear under the body. Nice masculine head, nice stop. nice eyes, correct bite, correct mover. 3 KP

Pionin Dancing With Enimen


Bandstones Jack O’Clock FI29644/16
Male of taller type, straight in shoulder, short in upper arm, quite narrow, correct topline, nice coat texture, correct tail, very nice ears, dark eyes, masculine head, very nice small ears, correct bite, Alert mover. 3

Gilmoore’s Giro D’Italia FI29069/16
Smaller back male of 18 months, lighter in bones, tight elbows, correct topline, straigh in shouder, shorter in upper arm. the head suits the body, dark eyes, correct bite, Needs more depth of body, moves correctly coming, going very close, gives a bit old-fashioned impression on the move. 2

Gilmoore’s Give Me A Break FI29068/16
18 months old boy, the head suite the body, a bit straight shoulder, shorter upper arm, correct topline, little bit narrow in the front, I’d prefer more body, correct tailset, correct bite, dark eyes, moves ok. 1 KP


Lad Väinö Du Cercle Des Gentlemen Terriers FI38861/16
Cobby red-wheaten male, correct topline, very powerful neck & front, heavy in bones, the head suits the body, very dark eyes, nice pigmentation for a wheaten, correct head, strong muzzle, correct tailset, nice short tail, very nice parallel movements, tight elbows. 2

Rhum Nine Millions Star FI56833/15
Nice black dog with a fancy outline, shiny coat, good bones, needs more substance, heavy in bones, nice topline, I’d prefer sligthly better shoulder, nice strong masculine head, big black nose, correct tailset, low to the ground, fluent movements. 1 KP


Bartos Bon Voyage FI19420/15
Beautiful black male, 2 ½ years. Very nice body proportions, exc. shoulder & topline, nice tight elbows, nice hocks & butt, correct tailset, very nice masculine head, strong muzzle, deep in body, good forechest, correct movement. 2 KP PU4

Quaint Quincent FI24643/13
Beautiful outline, nice shoulder, correct upper arm, level topline, super tail & tailset, very nice deep forechest, nice tight elbows, toes out a bit in the rear. I’d prefer a better coat quality and that would make him even more eye-catching, ? head of really nice length, good bite, nice eyes, nice moves. 1 KP PU2


Gilmoore’s As Time Goes By FI39257/09
8 ½ years old veteran, good body condition for his age, very nice coat for his age, straighter in shoulder, short upper arm. stands narrow in front, level topline, correct tailset, correct head & bite, correct mover. 2

Quaint O’My Jacquot FI58585/09
Beautiful veteran, right proportions, nice shoulder & topline, low to ground, very nice coat & condition, really beautiful almond shape eyes, masculine head, short well carried tail. Excellent mover. 1 KP PU1 ROP-veteraani BIS-veteraaniVSP


Rhum Christmas Eve FI17591/11
7 years old, very nice coat & condition, very happy temperament, a bit straight in shoulder, shorter in upper arm, exc. topline, correct tailset, corr head, dark eye, nice ears, very happy mover. 1 KP ROP-TURISTI BIS-TURISTI


Glen Grant’s Go Nuts With Mango FI17954/17
9 months old bitch with nice proportions, very nice when standing in a proper way, nice shoulder & upper arm, nicely pronounced sternum, good tail set, good skull, would prefer stronger muzzle & stronger & wider underjaw, nice mover. 2 KP PN3

Glen Grant’s Go With The Flow FI17953/17
9 months old black bitch, very pleasant type, nice shoulder & upper arm. nice tail set, deep enough for her age, fluent outline, nice feminine head with nice ear & eyes, very proud mover.3 KP

Perhaps String Of Pearls FI51361/16
12 months old with beautiful shoulder & upper arm, nicely pronounced sternum, deep enough for her age, short body, nice butt, correct tailset, I’d prefer a longer head. Correct eyes & ear set. Nice mover. 1 KP PN2 ROP-juniori

Pionin Lady Foccato FI42881/16
14 months old bitch, a bit light, beautiful black jacket, straighter in shoulder, nice topline & tailset, a bit longer in body, correct head, eyes & ears. She could have more drive on the move.

Rhum Talisker FI40853/16
16 months old bitch with a deep heavy body, low to ground, nicely pronounced sternum, I’d prefer a better shoulder & upper arm, good tail of a very nice shape & size, nice big rear end, I’d prefer a longer head, correct bite & eyes, nice ears. Could have more balanced movement but very nice when standing. 4 KP

Sirkiss Spirit N Soul FI44387/16
14 months correct size, level topline, correct coat, correct tail set, a bit straight in shoulder, deep enough, I’d prefer a longer muzzle, nice ears, correct eyes & bite. Happy mover.

Gilmoore’s Give Me Five FI29070/16
Short cobby bitch of 18 months, good topline & tailset, but she is not using her tail today, nicely pronounced sternum, good head, could use more muzzle, nice eyes & ears. 1

Begbie Fernet Branca FI24581/16
Correct size, straighter in shoulder, shorter in upper arm, topline could be better, a bit straight in the rear, correct head for her body, correct bite, nice temperament, straight front legs. Movement is lacking the drive. 4

Serein Haberlea FI28785/16
18 months old bitch of correct size, straight in shoulder, level topline, tail set ok, the head suits the body, correct eyes & ears & bite. Moves funny in the rear. 3

Serein Hablizia FI28784/16
Correct size, nice jacket, level topline, good elbows, correct rear, good tailset, still correct bite, a bit cheeky in the head, needs more drive. 2


Totally All That Glitters FI38504/15
2 ½ years, correct size, very nice feminine head, nice eyes, I’d perfer better topline & deeper body, moves a bit narrow in front, very nice temperament. today she is not in the best show condition. 1


Bartos Billion Dollar Baby FI19422/15
Bitch of correct size, good bone, topline is correct even though the grooming is not showing it. Good hindquarters, feminine head, she could use more muzzle, deep enough. Moves quite close in front but she is a happy mover. 4

Gilmoore’s Domino Effect FI48321/12
5 years old bitch in excellent condition, very nice proportions, very nice coat, deep in body, very nice flat skull but the muzzle could be longer & stronger, nice eyes & ears. She makes a very nice picture. Correct moves. 2 KP PN4

Quaint Random Play FI26275/15
I could take her home anytime. 1 KP PN1 ROP BIS

Rhum Black Pearl’s Blues FI51744/14
3 years old bitch with very nice harsh coat, heavy bone, deep enough in body, could have a better topline. Could be better angulated in the rear, correct head & bite, loves to show. 3


Gilmoore’s Zsa-Zsa Kissing-Kin FI40112/09
8 years old veteran,very nice body proportions, very deep body, low to ground, very nice coat condition. she has lost a bit of the topline and got some squishiness, nice feminine head, still moves correctly. 1 KP VSP-veteraani


Gilmoore’s Giro D’Italia & Bartos Billion Dollar Baby
The couple is looking as a couple and they are of same age. Similar outlines & nicely moving together. 3

Glen Grant’s Go And Show & Glen Grant’s Nuts With Mango
1 can easily see that they are brother & sister. Unfortunately they don’t want to perform for me today. They are of the same type & shape. 5

Glen Grant’s Go After Your Dream & Glen Grant’s Go With the Flow
Easily seen that they are brother & sister. Same shape & size. Performing quite ok for their age. 2

Rhum Christmas Eve & Rhum Black Pearl’s Blues
Coupel is very simialr in type & movement & coat condition. Happy movers, performing well for their handler. 1

Rhum Nine Millions Star & Rhum Talisker
They are not of the same type, but they move well with a single handler. 4


Glen Grant’s 42, 43, 56, 57
The four brothers & sisters are all showing the same type & body & temperament. 2

Rhum 49, 54, 60, 69
The three dogs in the group are all very nice but not so similar in type. Coat condition is good in all of them. They all move correctly. 5

Flippix 39, 40, 41
Three beautiful young dogs. Two of simiar type, one is a bit different in type. Beautiful movements. Nicely presented. 3

Quaint 51, 53, 68
Three beautiful movers. three excellent specimen of the breed. Beautifully presented. 1

Perhaps 36, 37, 58
Three puppies of different. One is older than the other two. The younger are similar in type. For their age they are performing really well after a long day at the show. 4


Quaint Quincent 42, 43, 56, 57
1 can easily see that all the four puppies took the stamp from the same sire. 1

Black&White Show 2017 kuvia

Tuomari Masa Siroka voittajiensa kanssa: vasemmalla ROP Quaint Random Play ja oikealla VSP Quaint O’My Jacquot.
Oikealla ROP-pentu Filisite Brash Dual Rate ja vasemmalla VSP-pentu Perhaps Saint-Gladys.
ROP-juniori Perhaps String Of Pearls ja VSP-juniori Flippix Security System.
ROP- ja BIS-veteraani Quaint O’My Jacquot ja VSP-veteraani Gilmoore’s Zsa Zsa Kissing Kin.
ROP- ja BIS-turisti Rhum Christmas Eve.
BIS-kasvattaja kennel Quaint, Reijo Portala.
ROP-jälkeläisryhmä Quaint Quincent.
ROP-pari Rhum Christmas Eve ja Rhum Black Pearl’s Blues.