50th Jubilee show (unofficial)       


    6th & 7th of August 2022

  At Örserumsbrunns Gästgiveri near Gränna.

Judge: Mr. Stuart Plane, Kennel Stuane, Great Britain

Assessments starts at 11 am

Application deadline 8th of June 2022

Application fee for puppies, veterans and Brace-class “come as you are” is 150 sek per dog. All other classes is 250 sek per dog. If you register more than three dogs, every dog after the third is discounted (125sek).

Your application should include the ID/registration number for your dog, name of dog, class you wish to compete in, breeders name as well as the name of the owner, address, phone number and email. 

The application fee is to be paid to our account via Plusgiro 160-2333 (in the message box, please mention the name of the dog and which class they are participating in)

If you are not a member, the membership fee of 250 sek can be paid at the same time.

The application is to be sent to Vivi-Ann Lövstedt, lowi-scot@telia.com Telephone: (+46) 070-626 67 70

Classes: Minor puppy: (4-6 moths) Puppy: (6-9 months) Brace-class (Come as you are, not competition) Junior: (9-18 months) Yearling: (15-24 months) Open class:( 15 months and up) Veteran: (8 years and up) Champion: (In accordance with the rules stated by the Swedish Kennel Club) Breeder groups: (In accordance with the rules stated by the Swedish Kennel Club).

The winner of best breeder will receive the Kennel Ferox memorial award

                        Jubilee dinner Saturday evening post show

Cost: ca 495 sek for a three-course dinner including soda/water and coffee. Lunch can be pre-ordered for both Saturday and Sunday for 125 sek per day. Orders for dinner and lunches to be placed with Maria Pagmark before the 8th of July via email m.pagmark53@gmail.com

Telephone: (+46) 073-801 42 53. Please let us know if you have any allergies or other food requirements when you order.

Sunday 7th of August at 10.00 our judge Mr. Stuart Plane will give a lecture before we close the weekend with a lunch at 12.00.  Pre-registration for the lecture is required.  Please register with Anita Östby before 8th of July by email anitaostby1@gmail.com or telephone (+46) 070-624 74 28


There are bookable rooms at Smålandsgården and Örserumsbrunns Gästgifveri.

When making your booking, please use the code” Skotte22”                           

Those who travel by caravan/motorhome we suggest staying at Bauergården or Gränna Camping. There is also a motorhome parking down by Gränna Harbour.

Prices for rooms and cabins at Smålandsgården

Single room 900 sek per night

Double room with a view 1500 sek per night

Twin room 1200 sek per night

Studio 2500 sek (max 3 persons) per night

Cabin 2100 sek (max 4 persons) per night

Apartment 3900 sek (max 6 persons) per night

The pet fee is 200 sek per dog, up to two dogs.

 In agreement with the housing provider, you pay a maximum fee of 300 sek for 4-5 dogs. For the entire stay.

Contact details for Smålandsgården

Adress: Gamla Brunnsvägen 8

Örserum, Gränna

Telephone: (+46) 0390-650195

Örserumsbrunns Gestgifveri

 Prices and rooms

 Small double room: 895 sek per night 

 Double room: 1095 sek per night

 Pet fee is 200 sek per dog.

In agreement with the housing provider, you pay a maximum fee of 300 sek for 4-5dogs. For the entire stay.

Contact details for Örserumsbrunn accommodation:

Adress: Örserumsbrunns Gestgifveri& Konferens

Telephone: (+46) 0390-30003 Email: info@orserumsbrunn.se

                                Please consider the other guests!

To allow more than two dogs per room we have come to an agreement with the housing providers that if you leave the room, the dogs must be kept in a crate or a pen and not be roaming freely in the room. Please, try to make sure your dogs will stay as quiet as possible out of respect for the other guests. It is important that we leave a good impression with the staff and other guests for future events.

                         How to get to the show by car

If you are travelling from the north: Take the E4, southbound, towards Jönköping. Use exit 104 at Gränna interchange, then follow road 133 towards Tranås/Gränna/Visingsö. Once at the roundabout take the third exit onto road 133. Turn right onto Gamla Brunnsvägen 10. After roughly 190 meters you should arrive at your destination

 If you are travelling from the south: Take the E4, northbound, towards Stockholm. Use exit 30a at Kropp interchange. Follow the trafic for apporximately 223 kilometers. Then use the exit at the interchange Ljungarum towards E4/Road 40/Road 47 destination Stockholm/Road 41 continue driving along the E4. After approximatley 36 kilometers take exit 104 at Gränna interchange to get onto road 133 towards Tranås/Gränna/Visingsö. After around 500 meters turn onto road 133. Folllow the road around 8 km before turning right onto Gamla Brunnsvägen 10. Drive roughly 190 meters to reach your destination.